Scanning solutions for T24

Intelligent scanning solutions to streamline your banking processes

AUTOFORM DM’s scanning solutions for T24 are perfect for quickly capturing ID documents such as passports, driving licences, utility bills, etc, during the customer on-boarding process and other customer facing situations or for high volume, bulk scanning of documents that are sent to head office or regional hubs, such as multi-page mortgage or loan application forms, contracts, deeds and letters. As these documents typically need to be actioned / approved, we can integrate with workflow solutions, in particular Temenos' inbuilt workflow engine.


High speed scanners can be locally attached to the operators PC (via USB) for document capture. Alternatively documents can be scanned into a directory for subsequent pickup, using any networked multi-functional twain device (MFD).

As with all documents in the archive, these scanned images are securely stored and can be brought back direct from T24 or internet banking screens.

Cut down on paper, speed up your workflows

There are huge benefits to scanning and archiving your documents, such as:

  • Rapid access and retrieval of scanned documents & images via T24
  • Centralised storage of all scanned images / documents, which can also be linked to printed T24 documents such as customer statements
  • Enhancing the information profile provided to the the teller / customer service representative about a particular customer
  • Reducing the flow of paper based documents in the bank during the approval process
  • Dramatically reducing physical storage space required either on or off-site