Printing & Broadcasting in T24

Intelligent broadcasting for your banking network

AUTOFORM's powerful print management and broadcasting functions allow for sophisticated output management across both small and large banking networks. By using Windows drivers, AUTOFORM can control and print to any networked printer (for example laser, inkjet, matrix, thermal, label and passbook printers) as well as taking advantage of advanced printing properties such as colour, duplexing, tray selection, OMR marking and barcoding.

Using AUTOFORM you can easily print in multiple different languages using automated overlay switching based on the T24 data being processed. No more manually selecting printers, trays or stationery.

Schedule, control, print

AUTOFORM can cater for on-demand printing to all your branches allowing tellers to print their customer ready documents on their local network printers. AUTOFORM also caters for much larger documents runs, such as statements at COB, where they can be printed to high volume internal printers, or sent to external printing houses (including OMR marks and control files).

To complement the printing process AUTOFORM can schedule documents for release at predefined times as well as sorting and collating them based on the customer name, account type, branch or jurisdiction (for example). This can reduce the number of separately posted documents.


Communicate with your customers the way they want

Using the customer preferences contained within T24, we can reduce the volume and associated costs of printing and posting documents using the following methods:

  • Email PDF statement or notification of ‘statement available' for self service
  • Publishing documents through your internet banking website
  • SMS messaging of account summary, last transactions or notification of statement ready
  • Transmitting data as XML / CSV to corporate clients
  • Faxing documents

Using our PDF security module these transmitted documents (including archive images) can also be made secure using the following methods:

  • Password protection
  • Encryption
  • Digital signatures