Portfolio Statements for T24

Our powerful output management tools now give you the ability to generate portfolio statements, investment reports and valuation reports using complex calculations to produce detailed wealth analysis with stunning visual results.

AUTOFORM is able to consolidate financial information from multiple investment sources (either from standard output generated by Temenos or a system integrator) to provide detailed wealth analysis, without altering the underlying data. Our built in calculation tools and extensible scripting, give you truly fine grained control over your data collation and presentation, giving you the ability to produce sophisticated charts and graphs to illustrate any metric, such as total exposure, overall performance or asset allocation, in single or multiple currencies, using fixed or flexible rates at the time of generation. Perfectly formatted, colour accented tables can show more detailed breakdowns, for example by fund group, country or currency. Personalised investment policy statements can also be included for each customer, with portfolio analysis and performance graphs linked to client expectation.

Once generated, these statements can then be printed or emailed (with security) to the customer. Alternatively they can go into AUTOFORM's back end store for publishing to the customer through internet banking (with notification by sms or email).

AUTOFORM's ability to produce high quality, graphically rich portfolio statements perfectly suits the level of detail and finish demanded in private banking / private wealth.

AUTOFORM Portfolio Statements