Forms Creation

Forms creation for T24 with AUTOFORM

Sophisticated banking documentation made easy

Using our intuitive windows based drag and drop tool, standard T24 output (text / xml) can be dynamically converted into sophisticated electronic documents. As well as improving the presentation of your banking documents, such as statements, advice notes, letters, etc, we can also add extra functionality to your forms without program changes to T24’s output.

Our powerful suite of formatting tools can automatically adjust and refine your documents on a per customer / branch / country / or banking sector basis, allowing you to switch document overlays, typefaces, logos, graphics, barcodes, watermarks and messages, all according to the input and destination of the document.

Full Unicode support also lets you print, process and display data in any language, as well as localising international date and number formats automatically.

Full control over your T24 data

AUTOFORM can easily remap and convert data from T24 into any position, using any Windows based font, to create stylish and customised documents such as banking slips, application forms, portfolio statements, investor policy statements etc. It can also easily convert T24 data into any 1D / 2D / QR barcodes, as well as representing T24 data using simple graphs.

Overlays can be created using any windows based tool such as MS Publisher or MS Word, which means that the design work can be passed out to the relevant marketing, legal and business departments to create and maintain.

We also offer a forms creation service, in which we can recreate all of your main banking documents, to help you meet your go live target date.