Document Archive & Retrieval for T24

Powerful digital archiving for all your banking documents

  • T24 Documents: All documents generated from T24 can be automatically indexed and electronically stored in our AUTOFORM DM archive.
  • Scanned Documents: In addition, we also have a number of scanning processes to cater for incoming hard copy documents.
  • Imported from other archives / applications: Historical documents can also be transferred into AUTOFORM DM from your incumbent archive solution as well as regular importing of images from 3rd party solutions (such as cheque scanning or bureau services).
  • Desktop documents: easily import documents from your pc or network ad hoc from T24 screens or automatically using watched folders

This provides a central repository of documents for electronic storage and retrieval.

The four main interfaces for viewing your DM archived documents are:

  • Direct from T24 BROWSER screens
  • Direct from your internet banking service
  • Other 3rd party interfaces using our API
  • Our standard web browsing front end for non-T24 users

Secure internal access can be provided using LDAP which links directly into your active directory.

Access to documents is controlled through the T24 security layer.
AUTOFORM DM can use either SQL or Oracle as the underlying database, depending on your preference.