Customer On-boarding solutions for T24

The future of customer on-boarding

Reduce the time and effort of on-boarding new customers, whilst improving security and identification, using our fully integrated customer on-boarding solutions for T24.


    • First, the system generates an attractive customer application form.
    • This form can then be printed and signed for subsequent scanning and archiving. Alternatively, the customer application form can be electronically generated and signed using a windows surface tablet or digital signature pad and then automatically archived.
    • Using either method, a physically scanned document or a digitally hand signed document, the signature is extracted for reference purposes and automatically presented back through the single customer view screen in T24.
    • In addition to the signature, a high resolution webcamera takes a photo of the customer and makes it available to the single customer view in T24
    • Finally, customer ID documents (passport / utility bill / etc) can be scanned and archived directly from T24.
    • The significant advantage to our customer onboarding solution is that all customer details / documents / ID information is easily accessible from a single T24 screen (SCV). No more tabbing through multiple screens, or external applications. All the information you need, is available instantly, in a single place whilst dealing with the customer which can help to reduce fraud.
T24 Single Customer View

T24 Single Customer View