Automated Scanning for T24

Automated scanned in one simple step

AUTOFORM DM's automated scanning completely automates the capture and processing of printed and signed documents, using dynamically generated barcodes during the customer on-boarding process. User error is no longer a concern, as barcodes are automatically added to documents as they are printed with all the relevant customer data already encoded in them. Once they are scanned back in they are instantly matched back to the customer's account, versioned and archived.

TEMENOS T24 Automated Scanning with AUTOFORM DM

Instant availability

Our automated scanning solution uses industry standard multifunction devices to capture any customer document you require including: application forms, letters and confirmations. Built in error checking ensures that the correct number of pages have been scanned, as well as sorting them into the correct order (regardless of the order they are scanned) and checking for a valid barcode. If any error condition is met the system automatically sends an email to a pre-defined group or person so that corrective action can be taken if necessary. The best part is that once the documents have been scanned, they are instantly available to view in T24 screens across your branch network.