Surrey County Council goes live with AUTOFORM LN

Surrey County Council (SCC) today went live with AutoFORM LN output and document management software, to manage form creation and processing for their SAP ERP system. Having previously relied on time consuming and expensive SAP script solutions to create, edit and process forms, SCC realised the inefficiencies of their system were slowing down productivity and consuming a disproportionate amount of resources. With 25 forms (plus more in the pipeline) to maintain, a simpler, more cost effective solution had to be found.

SCC approached the market looking for a turnkey solution and after evaluating a number of different companies and products they chose EFS Technology, citing their thorough proof of concept work, responsiveness and enthusiasm as key factors in winning the business.

Now AutoFORM LN is being seamlessly integrated into their existing SAP system at their Kingston upon Thames offices, staff at SCC can easily print, distribute, email, fax and archive all their forms and documents through one simple interface, as well as maintain their own form designs and updates, without the headache involved with SAP scripting.

Leading the digital revolution already with its pioneering work in the county’s libraries, Surrey County Council (SCC) are no strangers to evaluating and implementing new technology, to bring savings and increase efficiency in their public services. With the introduction of AutoFORM LN, this has been no different. Speaking today, Caroline Shirely, SAP FICO & Property Functional Team Leader at SCC, was confident about what has already been achieved:

“We've been very impressed with the level of support that we have received from EFS to enable us to go live, and although it's still at a relatively early stage, what we’ve experienced so far has been a great success”.

For more information about Surrey County Council please visit their website