Raiffeisen automates its document production with AUTOFORM & T24

One of the leading universal banks in Luxembourg, Raiffeisen, has gone live with AUTOFORM for T24, as part of a major project to keep their operations at the cutting edge and continue to provide an outstanding service.

The move to T24 and AUTOFORM allows Raiffeisen to take complete control over its document output. With a library of over 300 templates, Raiffeisen can now automatically generate customer and banking documents in both German and French, with AUTOFORM intelligently switching between languages according to the data being processed.

Alongside the production of banking documents, Raiffeisen is also able to automatically archive a digital copy of every document as it is produced, giving secure and instant access to customer paperwork from within T24 screens, whilst enabling full regulatory compliance.

Speaking today, Jean-Luc Martino, Chief Information Officer at Raiffeisen, said “AUTOFORM is a key component in our IT architecture and fully integrated with T24. Our production with AUTOFORM is stable and we are pleased with the support provided by EFS”.
Raiffeisen automates its document production with AUTOFORM & T24
For further information about Raiffeisen, please visit their website www.raiffeisen.lu

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