Sharepoint Integration

Unrivalled Sharepoint Integration

Whilst AUTOFORM already has its own powerful digital archive (DM), which is fully integrated with Baan and ERP LN, we appreciate that some businesses may already have their own archive systems in place. One of our goals has been to ensure that AUTOFORM can work with as many products as possible and as such we offer unrivalled integration into many of the leading application platforms and database systems, including Microsoft Sharepoint.

Our connectors allow AUTOFORM to automatically index and archive documents and associated metadata directly into Microsoft Sharepoint, including specific subsites and document libraries within those subsites.
With a set of flexible Sharepoint commands, AUTOFORM can easily:

  • Insert new documents with metadata
  • Update metadata on existing documents or folders
  • Create new folders
  • Delete documents or folders along with all documents in the folders
  • Fetch documents with metadata
  • Fetch only metadata
  • Check in documents
  • Check out documents
  • Discard check outs

Scripting support in AUTOFORM also enables you to call your SharePoint commands logically or in batches for more complex / higher volume processing.