Scanning solutions for Infor ERP LN & Baan

Our secure digital archive, AUTOFORM DM, lies at the heart of all of our scanning solutions, keeping your documents safe and ensuring that they are always visible to the people that matter, both internally and externally. The power and flexibility of our digital archive lends itself perfectly to our tailored workflow solutions or alternatively into your existing ION workflow or other third party solutions, i.e Salesforce.

To complement the AUTOFORM DM, we have also developed a number of other import solutions so that incoming documents can be stored and associated to outgoing documents. Here are just a few examples:

  • PC Doc import – for the storage of electronic documents in their native format such as word or excel
  • Ad-Hoc (general) scanning – for the storage of general documents such as contracts engineering documents, general communication
  • Specific Scanning Solutions – developed to integrate directly with Baan and ERP LN and tailored for specific document types such as POD / Supplier Invoices

Coming soon, a new and exciting OCR solution for supplier invoices which will automate the data key entry process, passing data directly into ERP LN (ION) for manual or automated matching with electronic workflow (ION) to complete the end to end solution.