Reduce Your ERP LN & Baan Report Modifications

Let AUTOFORM do the hard work

Our ODBC / OLEDB Connector allows you to easily augment your Baan / LN reports without modifying the report itself. This brings huge benefits, allowing you to work with the existing standard Infor reports, rather than paying for costly modifications to try and meet your requirements. Our ODBC connector simply calls your Baan or LN database tables to gather and conditionally insert all the additional data you need, to create content rich documents or emails. For example, email addresses can be retrieved based on customer names, short form product codes can be translated into full product descriptions as well as barcodes, images, service information – the list is endless.

Stay at the cutting edge

Our ODBC connector also removes the headache and overhead when it comes to upgrading. As the standard reports remain untouched, no special modifications have to be made, or paid for, when moving to a newer version. You can stay at the cutting edge without having to worry about how it will affect your workflow.