Intelligent Overlay Switching

Smart design, smart creation

AUTOFORM’s intelligent overlay switching makes processing mixed or variable data streams simple. Using triggers in your data it can prepare and present your output perfectly, using any number of overlays to dynamically build stunning documents in any language.

Based on the content of your data AUTOFORM can:

  • Insert different company logos / branding and addresses based on the company number
  • Use a different language overlay / terms and conditions / VAT information based on the region code
  • Generate ghosted images (internal copies for archiving, printing, etc)
  • Insert different T&C’s automatically for certain customers based on their requirements or preferences
  • Add in targeted and/or general marketing messages (special offers, season’s greetings, etc.)
  • Use colour / grayscale or B&W overlays according to the distribution channel (cheaper to print B&W / grayscale)
  • Pull different types of paper from different printer bins (i.e. coloured sheets) to quickly identify the purpose of a form
  • Add in a product picture based on a product number (ideal for a picking note)

These examples represent just a fraction of what AUTOFORM is capable of.