Intelligent Distribution for ERP LN & Baan

Generate and send, instantly

As your output is generated, AUTOFORM automatically chooses communication preferences based on pre-defined logic or variable data before sending your documents out via any number of communication channels simultaneously, including:

  • Email with PDF attachment(s)
  • B2B using XML / CSV data (ERP output is converted to different schemas based on content of the data – similar to EDI but easier and cheaper)
  • Straight to the web for viewing / downloading
  • Fax, using any 3rd party fax software
  • Relevant printers (fixed / variable logic – Invoice to Finance Printer or ‘User Name’)
  • Routing documents to relevant departments / offices (data content / logic)
  • Include associated documents such as price list / despatch note

AUTOFORM also caters for incoming XML files, converting them from multiple schemas into one XML (BOD) for importing back into ERP LN / Baan. All of this can be achieved instantly, without lifting a finger.

Keeping your documents safe

Need more security? AUTOFORM LN can also automatically add digital signatures to your emails and files as they are generated, for added peace of mind and regulatory compliance (where applicable).

AUTOFORM can manage all of your Infor output, including data from other ERP systems, making it the perfect hub for all your distribution.