Integrate With Any Version Of Any ERP System

Part of AUTOFORM’s success is its ability to integrate with almost every ERP, CRM, supply chain, accounts or enterprise IT application. From Baan IV right the way through to ERP LN, (including the ION and Ming.le interfaces), AUTOFORM works perfectly with every single version.

Perfect for Infor

For Infor software in particular, AUTOFORM is seen as a printer device, which is perfect for establishing air tight integration and compatibility. Being seen as a printer device also means AUTOFORM can capture raw data / XML files, rather than having to manipulate database tables or perform complex interactions with ERP LN or Baan in order to access the information it needs. When it comes to upgrading between versions of Infor software, you don’t even need to perform any modifications to standard Infor reports or builds, to be able to continue producing great looking documents. AUTOFORM just works. It really is that simple.

Our great working relationship with Infor ensures that AUTOFORM remains compatible with every new version of their software that is released, making it the only output and document management system you’ll ever need. So whether you follow the ERP LN upgrade path or stay with a legacy system, you know you’re in good hands.

Ten years and counting

The Hadley Group, one of the largest manufacturers of cold rolled metal profiles, have been using the AUTOFORM product suite with their Baan 5C system for the past 10 years. They have been so impressed with our software that they recently agreed to produce a case study with us, showing how AUTOFORM has been helping their business for over a decade.

Perfect for any system(s)

With many of our clients using multiple enterprise level solutions to handle specialised areas of their business, AUTOFORM has proven to be the perfect solution to centralise and control all of the output and distribution from these systems, as well as providing them with secure digital archiving. So, whether it is a legacy (green screen) system, cloud application or cutting edge hardware/software solution, there is almost always a way for AUTOFORM to capture and process the output.

AUTOFORM also works with multiple file types, including:

  • Text (ASCII)
  • XML (from Baan / LN)
  • XML (from ION – BOD)
  • CSV File format