ERP LN & Baan Integrated Document Viewing

Document packs in a click, to your screen

Viewing your documents inside ERP LN or Baan is easy using AUTOFORM DM’s web services API or URL linking. From your transaction screen, you can request all of the documents linked to a specific transaction number (or PO / Sales order number) in AUTOFORM DM. A list of results (the document pack) is instantly returned, allowing you to select the item(s) you require: supplier invoice, purchase order, etc. Any selected documents are instantly retrieved and shown on screen. From here they can be easily printed, emailed or faxed as needed. As every document is stored separately and securely in AUTOFORM DM there is no impact on the performance or operation of ERP LN or Baan.

AUTOFORM allows you to:

  • Search and retrieve
  • Annotate documents and edit keys
  • Email / Add notes
  • Import and export data functions

Web Part Integration for Infor 10x and Ming.le offers exactly the same functionality as well as allowing documents to be called back for viewing within an ION workflow process, i.e. supplier invoice approval (coming soon).

Controlled access to information, anywhere in the world

By linking our archive solution with your website, it is possible to give your clients or suppliers controlled access to documents, so they can check the status of orders, returns, invoices or forms without having to contact staff directly. This helps to reduce pressure on administrative resources and allows for 24/7 access to information, particularly for companies trading or operating overseas. Some of our largest customers use this functionality to drive key areas of their business:

  • Promethean – Publish Order Acknowledgement notes through their web based purchasing portal
  • Greene King – Publish any archived document to their CRM system and web based portal to 1,000+ pubs
  • TATA Engineering Steels – Publish test certificates & shipping invoices to their global dealer base
  • DHL Express – Publish POD’s to their web based tracking portal

Integrated document viewing with AUTOFORM DM – the information you need is only ever a click away.