Don't script

SSRS is the stock reporting tool shipped with SQL and can achieve some impressive results. However, as it is a script based product, it requires a lot of time and dedication to get the most out of it.

Just click

We have developed AUTOFORM precisely to overcome the need to be able to write and analyse code. Our easy to use drag and drop tools allow you to re-map data instantly, without any complex programming or scripting. Our user friendly split screen design window gives you a live preview of your output, helping to eliminate costly trial and error print runs, whilst giving you complete control over the position of your data. Tasks such as re-pagination, sorting, compression, page numbering and blank line suppression are all intelligently controlled based on the volume of input data, so you don’t have to worry.

Freedom to design

AUTOFORM doesn’t use restrictive fixed templates, instead it allows you to easily design your own overlays using any windows DTP or word processing software, such as Publisher, Powerpoint, Word, etc. This means your Marketing department or Art team can take back control of the way your documents look, rather than having to rely on your IT department to ‘code’ the designs in.

Making the complex, easy

Unlike SSRS, more complex and time consuming functions like overlay switching, ODBC, conditional logic and email are all streamlined in AUTOFORM and can be configured, and even fully automated, with just a few clicks, allowing you to design and build complex forms in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The solution that grows with your company

With AUTOFORM you also have the possibility to expand your solution as your company grows or your requirements change. Our powerful digital archive (AUTOFORM DM) integrates seamlessly with Baan and ERP LN, automatically taking a copy of every document that is produced, keeping your data safe and giving you instant company-wide (as well as web) access to your files.

With a whole host of additional modules and processes to choose from, AUTOFORM has got you covered.