Fullwood: ERP LN & AUTOFORM – The Perfect Match

For over 70 years Fullwood have been recognised as being at the forefront of milking technology. Designing, manufacturing and distributing their milking equipment worldwide they have relied on ERP LN and AUTOFORM LN to provide perfectly formatted, high quality documentation for their customers. Not only has AUTOFORM improved the look of their output, but using our ODBC functionality Fullwood have been able to pull in additional data from external databases to create higher value, content rich documents (including SITPRO export paperwork).

Our intelligent distribution systems also ensure that every document is automatically distributed according to their customer’s communication preferences (fax or email), whilst an additional copy goes to archive for reference.

AUTOFORM’s flexibility means that it works just as well with legacy Baan products as it does with its ERP LN. So whether you follow the upgrade path or not, AUTOFORM is the only output and document management software you’ll ever need.

After 3 years Fullwood continue to be a highly valued customer and we are proud to continue serving such a market leading company.

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Fullwood: ERP LN & AUTOFORM – The Perfect Match