EFS Technology – Temenos MarketPlace Provider of the Year 2017

We are incredibly proud and honoured to have won the Temenos MarketPlace Provider of the Year at the 2017 Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon. The award, which was presented during the spectacular gala dinner hosted by Temenos in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, was a huge surprise for us, especially given the high calibre of Temenos’ other Marketplace Providers.

As a company we always strive to provide the very best products, services and support to our customers and we feel this award is a reflection of that commitment and dedication.

Being part of the Temenos MarketPlace has opened up new opportunities for us as well as providing a fantastic marketing platform from which to introduce our products to banks across the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Marketplace team for their help and support over the past year as well as our colleagues and friends across Temenos as a whole.

Here’s to another fantastic year. We look forward to seeing you all at TCF 2018 in Dublin.


EFS Technology - Temenos MarketPlace Providers of the Year 2017

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