Purchase Order Processing

Paperwork dragging you down?

It will come as no surprise that handling and processing paperwork is the bottleneck in almost every company’s day to day operations. After all, physical documents are slow to find and retrieve, need to be physically moved from location to location and can get easily lost, overlooked or ignored. All of these problems cost your company time and money. When it comes to purchase orders (PO's) these issues can quickly impact on supplier relationships, allow for ‘maverick’ purchasing and cause financial instability.

Supplier Invoice Processing & Scanning - EFS Technology

Move into the fast lane

At EFS Technology we have developed a range of solutions which streamline and control your PO processing every step of the way. We ensure that documents always remain visible and traceable so every person or department involved in raising, handling or approving a PO can instantly see its status and how far along the line it has progressed. This has the added benefit of greatly speeding up approval times and identifying organisational bottlenecks. By controlling the flow of information you can easily restrict the number of approvers for items or services at any budgetary level as well as ensuring full control and accountability for every member of staff involved in the process. Suppliers can be automatically sent PO’s the moment they are approved and KPI reports can be generated on the data.