Proof Of Delivery Scanning & Processing

Lost in transit?

Monitoring and controlling your distribution and delivery networks can be a challenging task. The journey from source to destination can be fraught with issues. Proof of delivery (POD) is an absolute necessity to ensure that your processes, channels or agents are operating within service level agreements and are getting the job done. Armed with this knowledge you can then authorise payments or instigate insurance claims based on the outcome of each delivery. But what happens when all of this information is spread across hundreds or even thousands of manifests and delivery notes that can easily get lost, misfiled or returned late? Not to mention the volume of paperwork in and out on a daily basis which, even for smaller distribution networks, can soon amount to a small warehouse in physical documentation alone.

Example of a basic POD process solution

Example of a basic POD process solution

Received, loud and clear

EFS Technology solutions intelligently rationalise and streamline your POD processing both in and out. Our simple scan and match solutions take the headache out of handling paperwork of any volume; we can even automate the process, substantially reducing the time and effort normally required to log your data. Invoices can be easily combined with POD’s and instantly made available across your organisation for accounts, billing, archiving and queries whilst missing POD’s are automatically flagged for follow up. Our solutions also allow your customers, partners or end users to view completed PODs online, including confirmation of receipt signatures (ink or digital), supporting documentation and order tracking. So why not contact us today and find out how EFS Technology solutions can help to improve your staff efficiency, reduce costs and storage requirements and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and supplier service quality.