Document Processes


For the past 22 years we have been working alongside some of the biggest and brightest companies in the UK and across the world, developing solutions to make document processing as simple and as streamlined as possible. Working across industry sectors we have amassed a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience which has helped us to develop and produce solutions that are flexible enough to be tailored to any business process whilst taking into account the requirements and procedures of the marketplace as a whole.


For some companies, physical paperwork is a necessity and a key part of their day to day operations. Where it is impossible or impractical to implement an entirely digital system we have developed simple scan and match solutions to automate and speed up the collection, logging and processing of paper based data both in and out of enterprise applications. These solutions have led to huge reductions in both the time and cost of processing documents, whilst giving companies greater knowledge and control over their operations at any given time.


AUTOFORM DM, lies at the heart of our solutions, keeping your documents safe and ensuring that they are always visible to the people that matter, both internally and externally, via our web browser based client. The power and flexibility of this digital archive lends itself perfectly to our standard or tailored workflow and approval systems which let you manage and trace purchase orders, supplier invoices or proof of delivery paperwork from generation to sign off.


Best of all, our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, ERP or enterprise level applications so there’s no need for costly software or hardware upgrades, lengthy deployment times or intricate coding and development, to bring all of the advantages of our software to your business.

So why not contact us today and find out how we can help you to get on top of your paperwork once and for all?