XML Creation & Processing

Worry free XML

Have you ever wanted to use XML in your business but been put off by the need for expensive or complex application upgrades or modifications? Have you been worried about compatibility with your existing software platform or legacy systems?

AUTOFORM LN XML brings you a powerful suite of XML translation and management tools which integrate effortlessly with your existing setup. Our easy to use drag and drop interface, found across the entire AUTOFORM product suite, makes working with XML a breeze.

AUTOFORM LN - Easy XML Processing

Easy In

With AUTOFORM LN you can automatically convert incoming XML files into printed documents without the need for XSLT programming or import them directly into your main system. If you already receive a variety of XML files in differing formats, AUTOFORM LN can standardise their XML structures so that your system can easily process them or alternatively convert them to CSV or EDI to suit your requirements.

Easy Out

AUTOFORM LN automatically transforms legacy data into well structured, valid XML output. A single printstream can be easily rendered into a variety of XML standards such as ebXML, cXML or FpXML, without complex and time consuming scripting or expensive changes to your existing setup.

The AUTOFORM LN XML suite provides the perfect tools for generating and receiving XML for any business.