Graphs & Images

Chart your success

AUTOFORM LN’s graph module can create vibrant 2D and 3D graphs and charts from your ERP data and insert them directly into your statements, reports, invoices or other documentation. Dynamic processing means each graph or chart is unique based on the data that is passed to AUTOFORM, tailoring your information exactly to meet your customer or internal needs.

Perfect For…

  • Utility companies such as gas, electricity or telecoms to show, at a glance, customer usage and consumption.
  • Banks & Financial institutions, to chart investment performance, growth or expenditure.
  • Production & Development across industry sectors to highlight test results, analyses and performance studies.
  • Day to day company reporting and statements, both internal and external.

Save yourself a thousand words

Sometimes a picture says it best. Whether it’s your company logo, a product image, photograph or a component illustration, the message is unmistakable. Give your documents the impact and clarity they deserve. With AUTOFORM LN you can manually insert images on your overlays to create your own company stationery or use your ERP data to automatically pull image data in from product or client databases to create visually appealing, content rich documentation.

Easily show chemical, warning or advisory symbols on your labelling or transit documents so people can see at a glance the key information they need to know. Add marketing messages, adverts or maps and photos to bring life to bland text based statements, invoices or emails.

Get your message across, the way you want.