AUTOFORM DM – Digital Archiving

AUTOFORM DM is a complete Windows based digital archiving solution that integrates effortlessly into any ERP or enterprise application using Webservice API’s or URL linking.  AUTOFORM DM can also act as a standalone solution providing advanced archive, search and retrieval functions for any business.

Easy to use

AUTOFORM DM’s clear and simple user interface makes finding and working with your archived documents, images or data easy. You can view, email, print or add notes to documents as well as editing keys, annotation tools or performing basic administrative tasks (depending on your access rights).

Peace of mind

Using COLD archiving, documents are automatically indexed and stored as PDF or PDF/A files as they are generated, giving you original version controlled copies which are immediately accessible across your entire business. AUTOFORM DM helps you to find historic documents and produce a credible legal trail should one be required.

Anytime, anywhere

AUTOFORM DM’s server can be configured to allow users anywhere in the world 24/7 secure access to the documents they need via any Internet enabled PC, phone or tablet with a web browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox and others). Now your employees or clients can get the information they need, whenever they need it, without tying up administrative or support resources.

Easy localisation allows you to provide different language versions of the user interface for international clients, customers or employees. Using Internet browser settings, the server provides the correct language version automatically.

Secure at every level

Using LDAP, AUTOFORM DM allows for fast and highly customisable access and control over all of your data. Through their login credentials, individuals, departments or entire offices can be granted access to as much or as little data as they need to get their work done. Hierarchical security permissions also give remote management the ability to modify access rights for documents or users which fall under their control.