Document Workflow

Getting your workflow flowing

Every company has its own workflow ranging from simple single approval to more complex multi-stage, multi-level processes. However, even the most straight forward paper based approval process can often run into problems when people are based on different floors, different offices or go off sick or on holiday.

Always meeting your needs

Here at EFS we have used our extensive consulting and implementation experience across industry sectors to identify and develop a range of workflow solutions and modules to suit our customer’s needs. Even if you have cost, functionality or implementation based constraints (or any combination of the three), we can provide the solution that is right for you. Our workflow solutions work in harmony with your existing ERP, CRM, finance or enterprise applications to provide a fully automated system that is able to intelligently adapt routing requirements and escalation requests based on your approval model.

We offer two different types of package: Tailored and Standard Process.

Our Standard process is built around a simple workflow approval system which is generic enough to suit smaller businesses with limited budgets and straightforward requirements. This solution is the fastest to implement; you could almost think of it as an ‘off the shelf’ product.

Our Tailored process is best suited for larger companies with more complex approval requirements. We analyse your current workflow process and work with you to optimise and streamline your solution so that it integrates seamlessly and becomes second nature in your day to day operations.

Flexibility as standard

Sometimes the standard process is not quite enough, but a truly customised process is out of your budget or surplus to requirements. Don’t worry. We offer additional consultancy and development time to tweak our standard process to suit your needs exactly, so your workflow solution can evolve as your company evolves.

We have already developed a number of workflow solutions that encompass:

  • Fixed single or multiple approver
  • Manually selecting single or multiple approvers
  • Approval based on sign off level / GL coding / department / value
  • Other data collection during approval process (cost centres, notes, etc)
  • 3rd Party data lookups
  • Data import / extraction at any point in the process

Always in control

All of these features can be monitored and controlled centrally via an administration control panel or ‘hub’ within our software. From here you can quickly see where documents are in the approval chain and reject or re-allocate incorrectly routed documents. Our administration and reporting tools give you complete control, visibility and traceability from submission to final sign off. More importantly, documents don’t leave the secure archive so they’ll never get lost.

Some of our additional features include:

  • Viewing or annotating document images (without replacing the original)
  • Appending / importing other documents, emails or information
  • Manual key editing functions
  • Adding notes
  • Emailing reminders / updates upon approval
  • LDAP security
  • Audit trails

Always happy to help

If you have any questions about workflow or are thinking of implementing a solution for your business why not call us for a chat and find out what we can do for you today.