Document Scanning

Mountains of paperwork?

Document handling and manual data entry can become a time consuming and labour intensive operation for businesses of any size, especially if you receive large volumes every day. As more and more aspects of communication and business are conducted digitally, paperwork can prove to be the bottleneck in an otherwise fast and efficient workflow. This problem has brought many companies to us looking to get to grips with incoming or existing paperwork and bring the efficiencies of digital input, management and storage to their organisations.

Cut them down to size

AUTOFORM DM’s scanning solutions bring a host of features to help you digitize your paperwork quickly and cleanly as well as process and store it in a way that is both logical and easy to find. Our scanning solutions work with any modern PC with TWAIN drivers as well as MFD’s (Multi-Function Devices) or dedicated batch process scanners, for true high speed automation. Documents can be scanned from anywhere in your company to a centralized network location or directly from a user’s desktop scanner, straight into our solutions for processing.

Intelligent Indexing

The most important part of any scanning solution is the indexing. Being able to find what you've just scanned amongst thousands (or millions) of other documents is essential. AUTOFORM DM’s intelligent indexing system gives you multiple ways to store your documents, both automatically as well as manually, depending on your preference. Choose from:

  • System indexing (based on date, user, document name etc.)
  • ODBC / OLeDB application linking to confirm data entered is correct
  • User defined templates for OCR recognition / mapping (area / region only)
  • Manual highlight of OCR areas for cut and paste into index keys (reducing key strokes)
  • Scan and Match using OCR Barcodes
  • Manual user entry (with validation)
  • Back Population – populated blank keys with application data
  • Manual user entry – facilitated by ODBC / dynamic pull down lists

Perfect for:

Supplier Invoice Scanning & Processing
Purchase Order
POD / Delivery Note Scanning
Barcode Scan & Match

… and don't forget

Contracts, HR documents, exam papers, registration forms, A&E cards, labels and job cards