Document Importing

Easy archiving

AUTOFORM DM PC file import module makes it quick and easy to get documents into your archive. Simply drag and drop files from your desktop or Windows explorer into the archive window and you’re good to go. You don’t need to launch any extra applications or follow any long winded processes; everything is taken care of via your web browser.

A flexible approach

As soon as a file is added your index options are automatically displayed. These can be set for different projects or archive jobs so that data can be added and linked (or even excluded) depending on the file extension, index key or any number of custom fields. Drop down menus make it fast to assign ownership or index data to documents whilst maintaining consistency across the board. Now everyone can add documents to the archive from their desktops: quickly, easily and cleanly.

Always available, always secure

AUTOFORM DM uses your existing network security to control access rights for each archive document, so viewing and handling privileges can be set on an individual, team, departmental or company-wide basis. Once archived, documents are available immediately across your entire site, keeping your business running at full speed. By linking your archive to your website you can also give remote employees, clients or customers 24/7 access to documents from anywhere in the world, to allow for truly global trading.