Data Extraction Solutions

PDF Stripping

As more and more companies begin to use document management solutions such as AUTOFORM LN to handle their data, text based PDF files are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for information interchange between companies. But what if your suppliers or clients are already sending you text based PDF files and you're having to print them out first before manually inputting the data into your ERP system? Then you're working too hard.

Easy data extraction with AUTOFORM LN

Automatically extract your data

The AUTOFORM LN PDF Input module is able to quickly and cleanly extract data from text based PDF files and convert it into simple and manageable file formats (XML, TXT, CSV) which can then be mapped, processed and sent to output, archive or loaded directly into your ERP, in whatever format is required. What's more, all these processes can be carried out automatically with no user intervention at all. Extracting data in this way not only brings the greatest time and cost benefits but also gives the greatest control and accuracy over line item processing which is simply not achievable using OCR based solutions.

AUTOFORM LN's flexibility means it can also perform XML, Excel and CSV stripping as well.

XML Input

Please see our XML Creation & Processing page.