Application & Website Integration

Web Services API

AUTOFORM DM includes a Web Services API to enable your developers to integrate it into your ERP or enterprise application so you can leverage its full power without ever having to leave your host application. AUTOFORM DM can be an entirely back-end solution, integrating into any application without a trace whilst still allowing you to:

  • Search and retrieve
  • Annotate documents and edit keys
  • Email / notes
  • Import and export data functions

URL linking

AUTOFORM DM also supports Microsoft based URL linking for quickly accessing specific DM functions without the overhead of full archive integration. This allows you to display archived documents inside of your host system without launching external applications.

Corporate website integration

Many of our customers use the power of AUTOFORM DM to help drive their corporate websites. By linking our archive solution with your website it is possible to give your clients or suppliers controlled access to documents so they can check the status of orders, returns, invoices or forms without having to contact staff directly. This helps to reduce pressure on administrative resources and allows for 24/7 access to information, particularly for companies trading or operating overseas. AUTOFORM DM has already been successfully deployed with: