Document Management

We've got it covered

AutoFORM DM document management brings a unified suite of powerful and flexible tools to manage your businesses incoming and outgoing files and communications. Our tried and tested solutions have been implemented in market leading companies across the world, from financial, educational and governmental institutions to multi-national manufacturing and industrial plants and offices. Our experience has helped us to develop robust and efficient processes that can scale effortlessly from low volume, single server sites, to high volume, multi-location, multi-server sites.

AUTOFORM DM - Versatile Digital Archiving

You’re always in control

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your current ERP, CRM or enterprise applications, providing information directly to your screen without leaving your host window. Our flexible and extensible approach to software gives you the ability to pull in data from almost any source and store it securely whilst giving you a powerful suite of viewing, editing, workflow and processing tools that make it easy to work with your data. Highly configurable interfaces allow for a wide range of automation options to keep your business running smoothly with little or no intervention. Easy customisation allows you to localise or brand your solution to fit your corporate image or cater for different languages. We also offer tailored solutions and consultancy to help you define and achieve your goals, with the minimum fuss and outlay.