Schedule & Sort

Organize your world

The AUTOFORM LN schedule and sort module has been designed to streamline and reduce document handling across your business. Instead of printing your files ad-hoc or as they are processed, you can now stream them through the course of the day into the schedule and sort module and hold them until you want them to print. This can be done either manually or automatically, for example: every hour, between 12pm and 1pm or after 6pm depending on the load your printers are exposed to during the day.

Input to envelope

Documents can be sorted into order using up to 3 fields, the most common being customer or supplier name and account number. This way, when your documents are released for printing, they will come out in the order you choose making batching and distribution much easier and cutting down on stationery and postage costs. Combine our schedule and sort module with an automated envelope stuffer and you can go from input to envelope without lifting a finger.

Input to email

Avoid overwhelming your customer’s inboxes by using the AUTOFORM LN sort function to merge all of their documents into a single email. Now you can keep network load to a minimum by packaging all of your customer data into a single, email friendly PDF file.

Smart solutions

Used in conjunction with our intelligent distribution engine, customer data can be emailed as it is processed, with paper copies going to the scheduler for processing at the end of the day, or the end of the month, depending on what is required. This way you can give your customers instant updates whilst still satisfying their need for monthly printed statements.