Print Management

Print Anywhere

AUTOFORM LN’s powerful print server technology lets you take control of all your existing print output and send it to any type of printer (or additional print server) on your network. From laser and impact printers to barcode, thermal and card printers, AUTOFORM uses existing windows print drivers to format your output to match its target destination (Postscript PCL, TIFF, PDF and XML with or without overlay). Intelligent distribution also means output can be simultaneously emailed, faxed, sent via SMS, XML or to archive at the same time as it goes to print, without any extra intervention.

Print Management - EFS Technology

Optimized for any network

Efficient file sizing enables AUTOFORM LN to distribute high volumes of documentation without putting too much strain on your network. This is particularly valuable for older, slower networks that lack load balancing or operate under reduced throughput. Many of our customers are effortlessly processing and distributing in excess of 50,000 documents per day across multiple local and wide area networks, spanning several countries.

Full control

AUTOFORM LN allows you to define which pages should be printed in colour, duplex or sent to specific paper trays. OMR (optical mark recognition) and fold marks can also be set to enable automated collation and envelope stuffing, thus eliminating many time consuming print room operations. Full integration with Royal Mail’s Mailsort products also allow for greater savings and efficiencies.