Email, Fax & SMS

Save time, save money

AUTOFORM LN’s Email & Fax module brings a host of automated digital distribution functions to any IT application including SAP, Oracle, Temenos, Infor and many others. Dramatically reduce your distribution costs by cutting out paper handling and postage which can be as much as couple of £/$/€'s per document. Across any organisation with large volumes of documents out, these savings can be considerable.

The advantages to digital distribution with AUTOFORM LN don’t just end with the physical cost. Documents that are automatically sent out as they are processed are actionable almost immediately. Whether it’s invoices, purchase orders or statements your customers or suppliers can respond much faster, issuing payments or instructions within the hour rather than the days or weeks it might take if traditional surface mail was used.

Always up to date

AUTOFORM LN can pull communication preferences directly from your CRM system to ensure that the most up to date customer details and information are used, as well as selecting the correct account managers email address to post from. This ensures that the automatic flow and exchange of information is both accurate as it goes out and personalised when it comes back in, helping to establish stronger customer relationships.

Always on the go – SMS

Sometimes you need to get information delivered to people quickly, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. With AUTOFORM LN you can automatically format and push your output to an SMS relay so you can contact your employees or clients instantly. SMS trigger events can be timed, conditional or bespoke so that delivery drivers, customers, service engineers or sales people get the latest information when they need it. No more missed deliveries, appointments, flights or meetings.

Replies to SMS messages get automatically converted by AUTOFORM LN to email and sent back to the relevant member of staff to be dealt with. Alternatively structured SMS replies can be automatically converted and added straight into your ERP, ensuring your system is always up to date.