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The decision to move across to using XML for business transactions can be fraught with issues, not only for yourself but also the companies with whom you trade. It can be difficult to convince your suppliers to incur high levels of cost or effort to convert their existing output (ASCII or CSV) to XML, especially if you require your XML to conform to a particular schema. Alternatively, if you are already using EDI technology but would like to use XML alongside it as a more cost efficient way of trading with small to medium sized companies, finding a solution that will integrate effortlessly with your own system yet give you the flexibility to process and handle various data formats, can prove to be an expensive and technically challenging project.

XML for any size business

AUTOFORM LN is the perfect solution for bringing XML to your business, no matter what size you are. It provides powerful yet easy to use tools that take the effort out of sending and receiving XML for everyone wanting to do business together. Automatic conversion of legacy data to XML (including ebXML, cXML or FpXML) means no more complex scripting or additional application or hardware upgrades. Just clean, well-structured XML in whatever schema you require.

Capture every market

AUTOFORM LN allows existing EDI users to use an EDI-XML hybrid output to enable more efficient trading with smaller companies looking to capitalise on all the advantages EDI brings, but without the prohibitive price tag it commands. AUTOFORM LN provides the perfect bridging platform to bring companies together.

Experience is everything

Here at EFS Technology we also offer special pricing structures to help groups of independent companies establish intelligent digital supply chains linked by AUTOFORM LN XML. Our wide range of experience across industry sectors as well as fantastic working relationships with some of the best known companies across the world have enabled us to develop solutions and optimisations to keep you firmly in control of all your business output.

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