Automated Document Archiving

Never lose a document again

Whether it’s from enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Infor or Temenos, or desktop software such as Word, Excel and Outlook, AUTOFORM DM can capture, index and archive files automatically taking the worry out of document tracking and ensuring your data always remains safe yet accessible.

Clear and compliant

From emails, faxes, CAD files and digital images to XML code (with or without schema), AUTOFORM DM Archive automatically converts your data to PDF or PDF/A files which are certified for long term storage and retrieval. Watermarks can also be added as your data is processed for easy identification and versioning, all without lifting a finger. All the elements that form a document such as lines, boxes, logos and overlays are flattened into a single file so even if your ERP changes in 10 years’ time your archival output won't, keeping your company and your data legally compliant.

Smart Indexing

AUTOFORM DM makes it easy to index, sort and find your data. Multiple indexes can be created automatically from the company name, date, file reference, address or any other fields from your source data. Giving you fine grained control over how you link your documents, no matter what volume you are processing.

More room to breathe

Using AUTOFORM DM to COLD archive your data as it is generated means no more printed paper copies to serve as originals. Your digital files become the original versions and can be viewed, printed or emailed in seconds. No more hunting through filing cabinets, archive boxes or folders looking for the documents you need.

Start reclaiming your office space today.