Document Delivery

Why wait?

Digital communication has revolutionised the way we send and receive information across the world, so why are you still waiting for your documents to finish printing before you sort and distribute them? Using AUTOFORM LN you can automatically deliver your documents directly to your recipients as they are generated, whether it’s via a network printer, fax, email, SMS or XML.

Cover every angle

If you need greater flexibility, AUTOFORM LN lets you send via multiple communication channels to multiple destinations, simultaneously. This way your customers can receive their documents via email, with an SMS notification of delivery as well as a copy for your own online archive. All performed instantly, without lifting a finger. Need more security? AUTOFORM LN can also automatically add digital signatures to your emails and files as they are generated for added peace of mind and regulatory compliance (where applicable).

AutoFORM LN lets you send via multiple communication channels to multiple destinations, simultaneously (XML, email, file, fax, barcodes, labels & distributed print)

Unified Communications

AUTOFORM LN let you manage all your communications from a single interface. No more switching between programs or complex and expensive ERP or application programming to integrate all your communication channels.

Cut down the paper, cut down the cost

By taking postage, paper & handling out of the equation you can easily save one to two £/$/€'s per document. This can rapidly amount to an enormous savings across your business. Plus, by sending out your internal and external communications as they are generated, they become actionable much faster. Key documents such as invoices can be received instantly and paid rapidly, cutting out the delays and failures associated with using the postal service.