Banco Unico goes live with AUTOFORM LN for T24

9th October 2012, Maputo, Mozambique

One of Mozambique’s newest financial institutions, Banco Unico, has gone live using TEMENOS T24 Model Bank and the full AUTOFORM LN output and document management suite of products.

This award winning combination of software has enabled them to quickly and easily produce stunning banking documentation and output from within T24. The seamless integration of both TEMENOS and EFS Technology solutions has meant that Banco Unico were able to hit the ground running, on the first day of trading.

With its highly skilled and experienced team, Banco Unico brings with it an innovative new approach to banking in Mozambique. Creating close relationships with its customers, Banco Unico prides itself in helping to create and build solutions for them, rather than just selling products, like traditional banks.

But their innovation doesn’t just stop at their business ethos. Banco Unico is unique in its use of the AUTOFORM LN scanning application to scan cheques into the DM Archive, then preview and authorise them directly from T24, speeding up the authorisation process whilst maintaining a full audit trail.

Speaking today, Carino Modan, a Director at Banco Unico said: “AUTOFORM LN allowed us to create professional documents for our customers with little effort, enabling the Bank to focus on our core business. For both our internal staff and our end users, the efficiencies brought by AutoFORM LN have accelerated our approval process and in turn improved our customer services.”

Banco Unico go live with AUTOFORM LN

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