AutoFORM Now Infor10 Enabled

As a globally recognised solution partner we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating our powerful document and output management tools with all of Infor’s products. With their latest release we have sought to continue our fantastic partnership by ensuring that not only does AutoFORM run straight out of the box with Infor10, bringing huge savings in set up costs and deployment times, but that it also automatically enhances Infor10 native output such as calculating subtotals, page numbering and formatting currency and values.

Our standard forms pack gives you the power to rapidly transform your Infor10 output to match your corporate image giving you sharp, clean and vibrant documents formatted the way you want them, without the cost and time associated with consultative programming solutions.

AutoFORM is fully workspace compliant, allowing you to save documents as well as link images for viewing and reprinting, all without leaving your screen.

Documents can also be easily linked into Infor10‘s powerful new workflow solution giving you greater flexibility and control over tasks such as supplier invoice processing.

Fully OAGIS compliant, AutoFORM writes to and reads from Infor10‘s native XML schema, ensuring hassle free automated processing without the need for any additional hardware or software solutions.

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