AUTOFORM LN goes live at MicroCred Madagascar

MicroCred, an investment company dedicated to building a responsible group of microfinancing institutions, went live today with its second deployment of our award winning output & document management system for TEMENOS T24 Model Bank.

In an email to all of his staff, Denis Moniotte, Chief Information Officer, praised not only the team involved in the upgrade project but also acknowledged the role AutoFORM LN will play in automating and streamlining the company’s document output, benefitting not only their client advisors but also their back office staff.

With a successful installation already in place at MicroCred Senegal, using AutoFORM LN was an easy decision, giving them the ability to quickly format and standardise their banking documentation across the board. With only a few tweaks to each setup, MicroCred have been able to perfectly localise each deployment, saving both time and money.

With the first transactions already flowing in, the project has been hailed as a huge success for MicroCred in their goal to harmonize all of their subsidiaries.

For more information about MicroCred please visit their website.

For further information on our products please look at our TEMENOS T24 Document and Output Management Solutions page.