AUTOFORM LN 6.7 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of our award winning output and document management software, AUTOFORM LN 6.7.

This release brings with it a host of new features as well as enhanced stability, greater throughput and a number of key fixes for a more intuitive and smoother experience.

AUTOFORM 6.7 Released

This new release is provided for free under your current support agreement and, for those of you already on v6.5 or above, you can now easily upgrade to v6.7 yourself. Full support and documentation will be made available as well as a complimentary build analysis, to ensure that your upgrade is as smooth as possible. There’s never been a better time to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of AUTOFORM LN.

Here are just some of the great new features:


The new AUTOFORM LN Client application is the perfect tool to manage all of your output. From your PC you can now see all of the documents that have been generated on the system before releasing them for distribution. This allows you to validate documents and check for errors, helping you to produce the perfect output for your customers and clients, every time. Printer failure profiles and jobs can also be managed via the Client, giving you a clear view of the system status as well as the ability to make adjustments in real time, rerouting, starting, stopping and pausing your output as necessary.

Automatic failover with AUTOFORM LN v6.7

With the implementation of automatic failover in v6.7, it is now possible to avoid some of the serious consequences of a large‐scale server breakdown. If a critical fault is detected the backup server will start automatically, allowing you to continue printing without any costly interruptions. This can help to protect your core business by ensuring that critical documents continue to be produced and delivered to your employees, customers and partners. Please note: A backup server/DR is required in order for this facility to function.

Introducing the Diagram

AUTOFORM LN v6.7 gives the user an even better overview of their configuration via the new Diagram setup in the AUTOFORM LN Developer. Diagram allows you to follow individual jobs and form flows in AUTOFORM LN, from start to finish, as well as saving time and resources when setting up, customising or changing your AUTOFORM LN solution. It also allows for better debugging of jobs by limiting the log view to the relevant job.

Support for built-in barcodes

A long list of popular barcodes (1D & 2D) are now included, which can be easily added to printable business forms and labels or included in PDF, TIFF or other graphic formats. You can now easily incorporate contemporary marketing messages into your business documents via QR codes that link to web pages, product images or electronic files. The possibilities are endless.

Support for a Microsoft SQL Server backend

It is now possible to use Microsoft SQL Server as a central database for storing paused, scheduled or failed jobs as well as metadata for successfully parsed jobs. Using the AUTOFORM LN Client, jobs stored in the Microsoft SQL Server database, can be easily managed and viewed. Having a central database, such as SQL, is necessary for automatic failover support, in order to effectively handle paused or scheduled jobs.

As well as many more features, including:

  • Communication via Web services
  • Effective XML validation
  • New TIFF Conversion Engine
  • Communicate with MS Exchange Server via Web services
  • New design features in Form Editor v6.7

Benefit from all the latest features and developments

AUTOFORM LN has come a long way from its first iteration in the late 90s. We’ve listened to you and worked hard to improve our software, so that we can continue to remain one of the most versatile and powerful document management systems in the market today. Our goal has always been to give you the best possible product, coupled with the very best service and support. In order for you to get the greatest benefit from your investment we would encourage you to upgrade to 6.7. Many of our newest features rely on the updated and improved core system we have developed and are not compatible with older versions. We’d hate for you to be missing out on the best version of AUTOFORM LN yet. To find out how you can benefit from upgrading, regardless of which version you are currently running, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or support contact.

The minimum OS requirement for AUTOFORM LN server is now Windows Server 2008 64bit