Industry Sectors

At EFS Technology we have been successfully supplying output and document management solutions across every industry sector, both public and private, for more than 28 years. Over 1000 companies and organisations, based in 41 different countries, all use solutions developed by us to automate and improve their document based business processes.

Some of the key sectors that we work in include:

Transport & Logistics

Worth over £60 billion per annum, the moving, handling, storage and supply of goods generates an enormous amount of paperwork which can cost even the smallest companies thousands of £/$/€’s every year. AUTOFORM LN offers a range of industry proven solutions to help distribute, capture, archive, search and electronically retrieve documents and files, instantly improving efficiency whilst reducing and in many cases eliminating the need for paper based systems entirely.


Still the third largest industry sector in the UK, it represents just over 11% of the total economy. Supply and demand continue to be driving factors along with storage, shipping, value chain and globalisation. Large volumes of paperwork, label production and specifications spanning multiple geographic locations all combine to make these processes difficult and expensive. AUTOFORM LN offers a range of solutions to help produce, maintain, improve and electronically distribute your company’s paperwork and labels in any language.

Public Sector

We have developed solutions to help provide local and central government, housing associations and the NHS all save money and improve day to day business processes by controlling the flow of their business documents.


Having worked in education for over 15 years with many globally renowned academic institutions and suppliers, we have developed a range of cost effective and easy to use solutions which dramatically improve business processes and reduce budgetary expenditure. Our expert knowledge coupled with a powerful and flexible suite of software tools allows us to solve any document based problems with ease.


This sector has seen a dramatic shift in business from the high street to the Internet over the past few years. Many companies are now looking to try and reduce costs, streamline their business processes and operate as efficiently as possible to maintain their competitive edge. The range of solutions offered by EFS can help provide companies, whether trading online or on the high street, with all the tools they need to intelligently control their incoming and outgoing business data whilst staying as profitable as possible.