SAP Solutions

Giving you back control

AUTOFORM LN cuts the costs and delays associated with creating, delivering and viewing your documents within an SAP environment. It provides a single system to manage all of your SAP document output, electronic distribution, language variations, barcoding, archiving, scanning and approval applications.

Advantages of using AUTOFORM LN:

  • Simple to use drag and drop interface enables rapid document creation and modifications, eliminating the need for SAPScript™ or SMART FORMS™.
  • Converts output to fax, email, print, XML and HTML for accelerated, automated document distribution management.
  • As documents are delivered, AutoFORM LN creates a document image with an archive index ready for online storage and viewing.
  • Rapidly develop new documents using industry standard design packages (Microsoft, Adobe, etc); leverage existing marketing assets or company stationery to create forms and documents in minutes.
  • Automatic date, number and currency formatting to tailor the document to the recipient.
  • Multi-channel document distribution.
  • Automated delivery to multiple addresses.
  • E-invoicing & e-ordering for SAP
  • Document sets, delivered together
  • XML management for both ASCII & XML native SAP
  • SAP Integrated document storage, retrieval & viewing
  • Integrated document storage & retrieval direct from SAP.